1) What is the Schengen visa? It is valid and required for which countries? 1:29
2) Can you go from one country to another on the same visa in Europe? 1:44
3) Why are Schengen or Europe visas rejected? 4:23
4) Is previous travel history important to get a Schengen visa or a Europe visa? 5:14
5) If you are visiting multiple countries in Europe, which country to apply for the Schengen visa from? 7:25
6) Schengen Visa or Europe visa is valid for how long? 7:59
7) What is the Schengen visa fee or how much does it cost to take a Schengen visa? 9:15
8) How long does the Schengen visa application process take? 10:27
9) How early should I apply for my Schengen visa? 11:51
10) Can I work on a tourist visa or Can I work with a tourist Schengen visa? 12:51
11) How many funds do I need in my bank to apply for Visa? How much money should be in my bank for applying for a Europe visa? 13:40

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After successfully getting Schengen Visa about 8 times, I am making this extremely detailed visa video series which will not only guide you through the entire Schengen visa application process but will also provide with you entire information you need to know about the Europe visa in an extremely detailed manner.

The biggest challenge an average Indian faces these while planning a trip to any European country is how to get the visa? There are many questions and doubts that every Indian would have before applying for Europe visa from India. People get confused about the documents to need to apply for the Europe visa and don’t even know if they will get the Schengen visa or not.

Many people because of lack of knowledge get their Schengen visa rejected. Most people do not know to apply for Schengen visa in the right away and they are also unaware of the documents which are needed for the Schengen visa.

In this video, I will answer all the questions most people have about Schengen visa and will pass on as much information as possible.