Before you go to Cancun or Mexico, make sure you watch this video so you know all the important travel tips & know the Do's and Don'ts of visiting Cancun, Mexico. Is it your first time traveling to Mexico? Or your first time traveling to Cancun? Are you worried if it's safe to travel to Mexico right now? We're sharing what we've learned after traveling to Mexico as a couple and for family vacations traveling to Mexico. Even if you've travelled to Mexico or Cancun before, these Cancun Travel Tips & Mexico Travel Tips will help you make your entire Mexico Vacation run smoother and help you feel safe while traveling whether you are with friends or whether you are traveling to Mexico with kids!

There are 23 things to know when Visiting Mexico in this Cancun Mexico Travel Guide. But if you have any more Cancun or Mexico Travel Tips to add, comment below and share them with everyone!

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💥NOTE: For those of you curious about Mexico Travel Restrictions for 2020 or 2021, I've included all of that information in the video as well. I realize not everyone is ready to travel yet. But the Mexican Government HAS put together guidelines and restrictions to continue tourism in a very safe way. You can find out more about CURRENT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS TO MEXICO on their Mexico Embassy Website for additional questions: To see what it was like for our travel to mexico, head to 3:56 in the video.


0:38 Cancun Airport, Customs, Immigration Forms, Airport Transportation, etc
2:01 Health & Safety in Cancun Mexico
2:23 Pesos & Currency Exchange in Mexico, Mexico Exchange Rates, Exchanging Money
2:48 Cancun Mexico All Inclusive Resorts & Tips Regarding All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico
3:56 Mexico Travel Restrictions & Guidelines for Mexico Tourism
4:29 Is Cancun Safe for Travel? Safe for Families?
4:49 Cancun, Mexico Excursions & Tips to Save
5:17 Communication Tips & Speaking Spanish in Mexico
5:48 Cheapest & Best Cancun Mexico Souvenirs to Bring Back
6:09 Leaving Mexico

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