Can’t wait to spread your wings and fly away? Before doing that, you should see our genius travel hack ideas that will help you both before and during your trip! Learn how to prevent pickpockets from grabbing your wallet, discover an easy and efficient way to pack your bags, and even learn how to make yourself a sleeping bag! All these useful traveling tricks and more ideas are ready for you!

00:00 Prevent Infection with Antiperspirant
00:29 Secret Hairbrush Money Stash
01:13 Store Liquids within a Straw
02:18 Easy Clothes Packing Trick
03:07 Bottle Leak Protection Tip
03:55 DIY Simple T-Shirt Bag
04:49 Fix a Bruise with Duct Tape
05:30 Create a Secure Pocket
06:26 Pack Suitcase Lazy Style
07:08 DIY Sleeping Bag
08:08 Ergonomic Suitcase Packing
09:25 Place Saving Suitcase Packing

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