Black Excellist: Top 10 Paradise Islands w/No Passport | Exotic Travel

00:00 – Intro
01:58 – US Virgin Islands
03:58 – Vieques Islands
06:07 – Key West, FL
08:32 – South Padres Island, TX
10:40 – San Juan, Puerto Rico
12:47 – Hawaii (Kauai, Maui, Oahui, Lanai)
15:00 – American Samoa
17:08 – Santa Catalina Island, CA
19:08 – Northern Mariana Islands
21:41 – Amelia Island, FL
23:53 – Guam
26:31 – Cruises (Bahamas, Belize, Cabo San Lucas, Jamaica, Mexican Riviera, Grand Cayman)
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You've decided you want a vacation, but there's a problem – either you or your significant other doesn’t have a passport. Maybe you've never had the time, money or desire to travel abroad previously, or perhaps your old passport has expired. Whatever the reason, you still have choices and this video should give you an awesome start as your plan your next tropical getaway.

We have found 11 extraordinary destinations and even added a bonus entry to the end that you certainly don’t want to miss. But our research has led us to an exclusive list of beautiful hotspots… some in the Caribbeans, others, surprisingly, here in the United States. And we even discovered a few in the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean. These all are totally bucket-list worthy and we are excited to unveil these 11 incredible escapes that offer Paradise without a Passport.

But before we go too far. We want to pause and remind you that we are in post-pandemic travel environment, so please do your due diligence and check on vaccination requirements as you’re making plans for your big family trip, girls getaway, or bae-cation with your boo!

So go ahead and start planning today so that when travel is in full swing again, you’re ready to take off. And the best part is all you need is a driver’s license and a birth certificate.

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